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Is Now The Time To Sell Your Florida Business?

January 14, 2013
The decision to sell a business with a Florida Business Broker is a very personal one, often relating to quality-of-life issues for the owner and his family. That being said, it is an extraordinarily good time to sell a business. The economy is strong. Interest rates are still low. The lending climate is favorable. And, of course, capital gains tax rates (which most business sellers can take advantage of) are at a historical all-time low of 15 percent.

Selling a business is the end of one journey and often the beginning of a new adventure. The business being sold often represents the bulk of the seller’s estate and the monetary value of the seller’s life’s work. The sale shouldn’t be rushed, but should be handled in a deliberate manner with proper professional help. The business should be prepared and packaged in a manner calculated to achieve the highest attainable price. The selling process should be managed in a way that maintains confidentiality and doesn’t interfere with day-to-day operations of the business. The transition to new ownership should be structured in a manner that ensures the continued health and viability of the business for both the employees and the new owners.

When handled correctly, the sale of a business can give the seller the money needed to start the next phase of his life, whether it leads to retirement, more time with family, the pursuit of other interests, or a new business venture. Although, at the closing, many sellers have mixed emotions about giving up their cherished “baby,” after the sale most sellers are soon exhilarated by their new-found freedom and prospects for life’s next adventure.

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