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Steps In Searching For A Florida Business Opportunity

Starting The Process:

  1. Determine Your Commitment
  2. Establish What You Can Afford
  3. Figure Out What Skills You Have
    Before you even begin searching for a potential business, you should narrow your choices by asking yourself some of the tough questions up front:
  •       What skills do you have that would translate best to owning a business? For instance, do you feel comfortable selling?
  •       Is there a particular business sector like retail, service or manufacturing that matches up well with your skills?
  •       Are there any specific qualifications like a professional license that you would need before acquiring a particular business?
  •       Do you want to manage employees or would you rather run the company yourself or with your spouse/partner?
  1. Consider Lifestyle Impact
  2. Narrow your search with a Business Broker
  3. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  4. Review the confidential information provided
  5. Meet with the Seller
  6. Be Prepared with Questions
  7. Make an offer on terms you feel comfortable with for your future
  8. If accepted, due diligence is a must to prove financial and other issues
  9. Close and grow that business

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A Few Steps In Buying A Florida Business

Buy a business opportunity that you will enjoy, not just for the money.
First step:
    Consult a Business Broker that has state-wide presents in all aspects businesses
    Research the field and identify the ones that meet your criteria
    Sign a NDA to keep all information given to you confidential
    Make an offer to purchase the business you feel comfortable is right for you
    Complete review of facts and with due diligence
    Work on financing contingencies if needed
    Close on your new business
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Simple Steps To Buy A Florida Business

Your Six Steps To Success To Buy A FLORIDA Business:

  1. Commit to a deadline for buying a business opportunity (not just “looking” for one).
  2. Set aside time everyday to work on this project.
  3. Organize your finances.
  4. Work on determining what type of business will thrive from your strengths and not suffer from your weaknesses.
  5. Seek professional advice from a qualified business broker whom can help you in this process.
  6. Unless you have a wealth of experience buying businesses, then educate yourself about this process. Learn as much as you can. When it comes to investing in your future, you can never know too much!

Determine Your Investment Level

Determine with absolute certainty how much of your own cash you are prepared to invest. Forget any relatives who may have promised that they’ll “back you.” When the time comes to lay down the money, chances are they won’t be around.

Don’t bother looking at businesses that are unaffordable. Over 60% of small business purchases involve seller financing. Generally, this is 20% – 40% of the purchase price. If you have $100,000 to invest, don’t look at businesses that will sell for $500,000. It’s OK to dream, but be realistic.

Also, take the time to sit down with an Business Broker or SBA specialist to research all avenues for your financing if you have good credit. FLORIDA Business Opportunities is ready to help you now. View our thousands of listing today at

Why Some Florida Business Deals Fall Apart

Deals fall apart for many reasons – some reasonable, others unreasonable.

For example:

• The seller doesn’t have all his financials up to date.

• The seller doesn’t have his legal/environmental/administrative affairs up to date.

• The buyer can’t come up with the necessary financing.

• The well known “surprise” surfaces causing the deal to fall apart.

The list could go on and on and this subject has been covered many times. However, there are more hidden reasons that threaten to end a deal usually half to three-quarters of the way to closing. These hidden reasons silently lead to a lack of or loss of momentum.

This essentially means a lack of forward progress. No one notices at first. Even the advisors who are busy doing the necessary due diligence and paperwork don’t notice the waning or missing momentum. Even though a slow-down in momentum may not be noticeable at first, an experienced Florida business intermediary will catch it.

The sooner this loss of momentum is addressed, the better the chance for the deal to continue to closing. Because the root of the problem is often an emotional issue, it has to be faced directly. An advisor, the intermediary or someone close to the person should immediately make a personal visit. Another suggestion is to get the buyer and seller together for lunch or dinner, preferably the latter. Regardless of how it happens, the loss of momentum should be addressed if the sale has any chance of closing.

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Start A Business or Buy An Existing One

Building your own business is hard work. That’s why many entrepreneurs choose to buy an existing Florida business rather than starting from scratch. But how can you avoid sinking all your resources into a business that is sure to fail? What should you look for? What should you avoid?

There are several advantages to buying an existing business as opposed to starting your own. Most obviously, you save time. Suppose you want to start a retail business. It may take months for you to build an adequate inventory. Opening your own restaurant means creating your own recipes and menus; building a manufacturing business from scratch can take years. But when you purchase an existing business, the “dirty work” has already been done.

If the business you want to buy offers a product or a service, you can evaluate the operating history and better understand the demonstrated market. Are people buying the product or service? What are they willing to pay? What type of advertising has been most effective? When you start your own business, it can take many years of trial and error to establish your market. Purchasing a business can alleviate this process.

Buying an existing business will allow you to evaluate its cash flow and operating expenses, giving you a better idea of how much investment capital you will need. When you start your own business, these numbers are much more difficult to estimate, and investors consider start-up businesses higher risk than existing ones with operating histories and proven track-records.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to buying over starting a business is the existing business’s potential. You may see growth opportunities the current owner doesn’t, or maybe you have a superior business plan. Your enthusiasm and excitement for the business can revive it and help it to grow, and often relatively minor changes in advertising, personnel, or procedure can greatly improve profitability.

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Why Use A Florida Business Broker

One of the most frequent questions asked by prospective business buyers is whether or not they should hire a business broker. The initial response is always: “yes… but.” The “but” is that you should “use” one, not “hire” one. A business broker can have a very specific and important role in the buying process. The “but” is related to understanding what that role is.

Business Brokers in Florida almost always represent the deal in a transactional role. The seller pays their commission and even if they are assisting you in the process.

Business-For-Sale Listings

They can provide you with access to business-for-sale listings and details about the business that you may not discover on your own.

Always Good To Have A Buffer Between You and The Seller:

They can be a conduit to help deliver bad news to the seller. There may be instances where you have to retract or modify an offer and certainly times where you’ll need to adopt an aggressive negotiating position. Since you’ll most likely need the seller to train you after the purchase, it’s not a good idea to aggravate them too severely. As such, let the business broker deliver the bad news.

The Paperwork Is Astounding

A business purchase, no matter how small, requires a tremendous amount of coordination and document chasing. The data you’ll need from a seller to evaluate a business, the documentation required to close a deal and the overall chasing that must be done between buyer/seller and their professional advisers, can be astounding. A good broker will be an enormous help putting all of it together.

A business broker cannot help you buy the right business. They can assist you, but ultimately it is up to you to make that decision. A business broker cannot afford to spend countless unpaid hours searching for the right business for you. The search is something that you must do. They’ll provide you with the tools to do it, but it’s your responsibility to get the ball rolling. A business broker cannot conduct the investigation for you. They may suggest common things to look for, but they won’t be your detective. A business broker cannot negotiate the best deal for you. Most will certainly attempt to bring all parties to a point of understanding, but if you want the best deal, then you must realize that nobody cares more about your investment than you do.

Don’t just call or email a broker inquiring about a particular listing. The point of your contact is to first determine how effectively they communicate and to get the dialogue going.

In your first contact, don’t ask for three years of financials or other confidential information. Simply express your interest and request that they send you a standard non-disclosure document to execute so they will be able to tell you more about the business – Help Them to Help You.

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New Year – New Florida Business

Are you the average business buyer? You are if you are frustrated trying to buy a Florida business. More than 90% of people who want to buy a small or midsize company are discouraged. They are sick and tired of the puffery, the overpriced businesses, the losers masquerading as wannabe winners “with potential.”

Most of these people give up trying to buy a business, despite the fact that business ownership is one of the safest and most profitable ways to earn income and build net worth. They quit because they are not willing to settle for a mediocre deal. Worse, too many buyers purchase the wrong company or they buy the right company the wrong way. Yet, there is an abundance of mature, fairly priced companies for sale by-owner on the hidden market. We can show you how to find and buy them. We are Florida’s Business Brokers.

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