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Steps In Searching For A Florida Business Opportunity

September 14, 2018

Starting The Process:

  1. Determine Your Commitment
  2. Establish What You Can Afford
  3. Figure Out What Skills You Have
    Before you even begin searching for a potential business, you should narrow your choices by asking yourself some of the tough questions up front:
  •       What skills do you have that would translate best to owning a business? For instance, do you feel comfortable selling?
  •       Is there a particular business sector like retail, service or manufacturing that matches up well with your skills?
  •       Are there any specific qualifications like a professional license that you would need before acquiring a particular business?
  •       Do you want to manage employees or would you rather run the company yourself or with your spouse/partner?
  1. Consider Lifestyle Impact
  2. Narrow your search with a Business Broker
  3. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  4. Review the confidential information provided
  5. Meet with the Seller
  6. Be Prepared with Questions
  7. Make an offer on terms you feel comfortable with for your future
  8. If accepted, due diligence is a must to prove financial and other issues
  9. Close and grow that business

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